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My names Mark, and I'm a triathla-holic

OK, so I've got the IM Arizona slot, I want to win my age group at the Rookie triathlon and I want to set a new PR at the Florida 70.3 race, where I set my last one. This year marks 10-years in triathlon and my last at long'ish distance.

To have any chance at any of these, let alone all of them, I'm finally going to have to set a training plan and stick to it. I think I can mostly avoid joining a training group if I can keep my motivation up, and one way to commit to doing the training is to publically declare I'm going to do it. So, here's this weeks training plan. Feel free to come along if you want to join-in any.

Monday: Day off(grocery shopping)
Tuesday PM: Pure Austin North Splash and Dash (run as hard as possible, no excuses)
Wednesday PM: Cycle Parmer Lane(5:15 for 5:30 HEB on the corner of McNeil and Parmer) - at least 40-miles
Thursday 7AM, swim Quarry Lake, Pure Austin North
Thursday 5pm: Massage with Blaize
Thursday 6:30PM, easy 4-mile run Town Lake
Friday 9am: foot treatment/surgery at the podiatrist
Friday 5pm, swim Quarry Lake, Pure Austin North
Saturday AM: Texas Roundup 5k (new PR or at least beat last years time).
Saturday PM: long ride, probably 50-milesout east
Sunday AM: Jack and Adams shop ride, 35-miles, followed by a 4-mile brick(although I may bail on this).

Update: Cr^p. I forgot I'm having the 2nd round of treatment on my feet Friday, so consider anything that involves running Friday, Saturday or Sunday, highly dubious.

Update 2: Bzzt. Saturday is the world largest Wheres Waldo Flash mob in Austin. Looks like my long ride will be Saturday PM.

And thats a start. The following w/e I'll be doing the Shiner Gasp century, basically treating it like an IM bike section. I'll be trying to take all the food I need, doing as few stops as I can for water and potty breaks, and doing a 20-minute run off the bike before hitting the food and beer!
Tags: florida him, im arizona, shiner gasp, texas roundup, the rookie, training
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