Spring has sprung, so have my legs

 When I set out on last nights ride, the temperature gauge in the car said 98f/37c it's usually about 3-degrees high, so figure 95f/35c. I filled up my water bottles at the gas station, spun my way for the first couple of miles and then it was hammerfest time, I went as fast as I could for as long as I could.  Going up hill on the way back, I was verbally shouting out loud to myself as I raced to catch three cyclists who must have been 2-3 miles on their way back, ahead of me as I road out before the turn around. 

But it worked. This graph represents my 2-mile splits for the 20-mile out bound on Parmer. Compared to last time I was almots a full 10-mins faster going out, and 3-minutes faster coming back, an improvement of 13-mins in 2-hours is staggering. The last 5-miles on the way out I AVERAGED 27MPH - the drop in speed at mile-16 was mostly because I had to stop for a traffic light, at R29.

When I got back to the HEB parking lot I didn't have time to run, but my legs felt good. I headed off downtown for the last 30-mins of the Austin Triathletes Happy Hour! There I met up with Amit, and a few others, had a greek salad with chicken(hmmm) and sadly I let Amit detour me, we went for a drink later in the 2nd St district which meant I missed this mornings swim session... 

For Saturday, I've decided to head down to San Marcos at a steady, not quad busting, pace. If you'd like to come along, I aim to leave around 7.30am from South Central Austin. ++Mark.