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Splash and Dash 2009 #1

Yeah, everything shubbe  said. Apparently Amy drafted off me the whole way around the swim course and as this was her first splash and dash she's written up every detail.  I thought the swim was longer this year, the 2nd major floating dock boy was further north and more westerly. I finished the swim in 13:01, and was out on the run in 26-seconds. If you compare my swim time in the results with shubbe , I was 27-seconds faster, which would have been the transition problems she describes. I left nothing in transition except my shoes, hat, glasses and a bottle of talc, no towel.

Out on the run in 13:27, I wanted to try to beat Amit, and I hadn't seen him to this point, so he was either a long way behind or in front. I pushed as hard as I could and was gasping on the dry dust trail for 2-laps, I got half the 3rd lap done when Amit passed me. I finished the run in 16:32 for the 3k. My times were with S&D 2008(August)

Swim: 13:01(12:34)
T1: 26(28.69)
Run: 16:32(16:25)
Result: 29:59(29:28)

I finished in 50th/130 overall and 35th/870 men. There are no age groups and no ages. Of my friends, Philip Reagan had a storming race and was 11th overall and 8th male, thats a great result! Mercedes was 41st in 29:14 and 10th female! Amit was 43rd in  29:31; then me, Guin was right behind me in 53rd and 30:11 and Amy 62nd in 30:54 - so I have some work to do not to get beaten by all the youngsters next time. I'll miss race #2 as I'll be in Orlando after Florida 70.3 attending a conference.

The full results are here.
Tags: pure, racing, splash and dash
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