Flashmob does Wheres Waldo

Saturday saw the next episode of the Flashmob Austin funfests. The idea this time was to get as many people as possisble to dress almost like Waldo. There was a real Waldo and the idea was to make finding him difficult by having all us act as decoys.

The location for the flash was up at Pease park where they were holding the annual Eyores birthday celebrations. For my Waldo outfit I had a Hillfiger womens large knitted top and a pair of blue, nylon trousers/pants that I'd bought at one of the used clothes stores. I wore my Lonestar 2008 triathlon cap, didn't have glasses or a cane, so you couldn't confuse me with the real Waldo!

I made a mistake getting there though. I'd jumped on Bob the cruiser and biked down, assuming the footbride we were meeting at was the Lamar bridge over Town Lake. Wrong, about 5-after 2pm, it was clear I should have been 15-blocks north. Cycling up there on Bob in a knitted jumper was hot work.

We had a meetup near the entrance to the park which cuased a bit of a stir. Then split up to enjoy the event. There were vouchers for people who correctly found the real Waldo. Almost as soon as I'd chained Bob up, lynnivere  found me and we wondered around the park together, by the drum circle etc. It was a fascinating site, loads of people in costumes and so odd smells at best ;-) After a while we found our way over to the grass near the band. A remarkable bunch of old white guys with gray hair, playing a great reggae set, who'da thunk? We sat around for an hour, or so and then left, I had to bike back to Jack and Adams to buy a new tyre and a tube.

As always with the Flashmobs, I'm sure that more pictures and videos will show up, a quick search revels Marcos Kirsh has posted some great pictures here and a good blog post with a vide of the drum circle, here.
Ya, that reggae band was actually pretty good. *surprised*

This was the most relaxing visit I've had to Eeyores. Love to watch the skin & smell the patchoilli.. & other stuff. ;)
Damn. Wish I'd known you were down there. I saw several of the Waldos. We park ourselves under the trees between the basketball court and the baseball backstop where they pen "Eeyore" every year.