getting ready to cook the books

Well, it had to come. The BTA Website has just published a piece on Jody Swallow and her trials to prove her fitness. It says "should anything untoward happen during this weekend's ITU World Cup in Tiszaujvaros, Hungary, Ms Swallow will be given the opportunity to demonstrate her pre Olympic fitness through other means"

Hmm, I wrote a piece a while back on the Manager, looks like this time the manager is saying its OK for Jody to fail in Hungry, we will still work out some other way for her to prove her fitness.

Thank you Mr Eriksson, err, sorry Maw. Apparently Monday 2nd is judgement day.
[BTA: Swallow to demonstrate fitness pre Athens.]
[If triathlon was football would we be talking about the manager ?]
I can't seem to find anything I disagree with you on this story. Keep up the good work.