Shiner Ride - century and some


This pretty much sums up my Shiner GASP ride as well as a long description could.

These are my 5-mile split speeds and my corresponding HR. The drop in HR pretty much correspond with the rest stops.

The wheels pretty much "came off my bike" around mile-82 on the way into Flatonia and I never recovered. The low at mile-85 is the rest stop at Flatonia, the only one I really stopped at; at mile-95, my feet were hurting so much, I stopped removed ,my shoes and socks, stood around flexing my toes and squirting water over them.

The day started with me cycling to the ride start, about 10-miles. I met up with Mary who had my car, as we'd driven down to Shiner the night before to drop hers off for the return trip. Once the ride started, I quickly experienced my normal panic and fear in huge packs of cyclists, and always decided to head from the front. Up to about mile-6, I was on the tail of the lead pack, I knew if I tried to keep up my ride would be over by mile-25, so dropped back. Through about mile-30, I rode alone, with small groups and then get caught up in a big pack, apprently with a load of women from Dallas and assorted others. I have to admit that I was nervous about riding with them, but the andrenalin was fun.

I lead out for about 3-miles, looked back and no one was waiting to take over the pull, so just dropped to the back. Half way along there was Zack, another of the Sunday Jack and Adams Bike Shop ride leaders. We rode together behind the group into the next rest stop. We left quickly with a few to leaving them behind, and for about 5-miles did, but we soon got swallowed up.

This game of tag continued right through to about mile-60 when I first struggled to keep up, Zack dropped back to pull me back on and we caught, rode with and then rode past them to the next rest stop, where we again exited quickly to try to get ahead of the pack but again we failed to stay ahead, heading into Flatonia I got dropped and while the group was still there, I advised Zack to leave without me and did the last 15-miles alone. It was pretty soulless.

My mistake, I realised later, was to wear socks. I never wear socks while cycling, but due to the problems with my feet I'd decided it was a wise idea. However, given the heat later in the day, my feet were swollen and the toes on both feet cammed into the front developed this annoying burning feeling that caused me to lose focus. Ahh well. The last 10-miles or so was extra hard anyway, there was a stiff head wind and the time when I would have benefitted from being in a group, I was alone. The were plenty of people still coming in 9-hours after the ride start.

My ride time was 6hrs, 24-minutes for the official 101-miles. I didn't attempt to run, but think I could have clocked a 10k, although a complete marathon was hard to imagine. Despite that I'm pleased since I've really only clocked two rides over 70-miles this year, and my early pace was good, my hydration was pretty much bang-on, no cramps on the ride, and no real lactic burn since. I figure somewhere I got my nutrition wrong hence hitting the wall, but maybe I just didn't have "it".

I was up early Sunday to organize the tacos for the J&A Sunday shop ride; Tune did the coffee(thanks!) and Zack, me, Cody and Allison all did the shop ride with about 30-others. Later in the afternoon it was up to Pure Austin North for 3-laps of the lake.

My totals from Thursday were 12-mile run, 3.5-mile swim, 154-mile bike - I've been exhausted since.