Thoughts for the w/e

It's been a long month since Lonestar and my first races of the season, I must admit I'm excited about The Rookie this weekend.

I'll post training totals for April over the weekend, but a quick glance reveals it was my highest mileage since spring 2003 when l'd come off a late ITU World Triathlon Championships in Mexico, and was getting ready for Wildflower long course, my first ever half ironman.

I'm feeling good. My knee is not really anybetter, its been classified as beyond help. Tuesday I'm set for my first ever cortisone shot, in time for Florida Half Ironman aka 70.3 which is next w/e.

The problems with the hard skin on my feet was caused by Plantar Warts aka verukas. These were left alone for so long, they've required three treatments, each increasingly painful for a couple of days. Next treatment is also Tuesday.

I've been having morning pain and stiffness in my left ankle. I think this stems from a number things. One, the fact that I have not been able to get new run shoes, after 3-months chasing my tail. I'm now running in odd shoes.

Second, to try to even up my balance and because my mojojoey  Asian IM Superstar cycling block has finally solved my left knee pain, I've been walking upstairs 2X2 for the first time in 25-years.

I've been getting weekly deep tissue and sports massage from Blaze, and he says there is some weakness in the ankle and has suggested some exercises to strengthen it.

So, net, net I'm looking forward to Sunday and FL 70.3. I'm hoping for about 55-minutes for The Rookie, which is a definite stretch goal. Last year I was 59-mins. I figure I can make 2-mins on the run and bike. I will be going for the win in my age group.

For FL 70.3, I think again I'll just be happy if I can PR. From memory, I think I was 6:29. I had a 2:43 According to the increasingly excellent, I did 6:30:25 with a 2:43:17 bike and walked most of the run. I'm hopeful that I can get around the bike in around the same, maybe a little quicker. I should be able to take a couple of mins off the swim, and hopefully around 20-mins off the run if the cortisone comes through for the knee. That would get me close to 6-hours which I'll take any day.

I hope everyone reading has a great w/e, I know I will. If you are coming down to New Braunfels for the Rookie, I'll be racing in a Jack and Adams tri top and new De Soto tri shorts in black with white trim. Please come say hi, or give me a cheer out on the course!
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Hope The Rookie goes well today!

Good luck on Tuesdays Dr. appointments. Sounds like alot going on in the healing department. It's nice to see you being kind to yourself. =)

Have fun in the FL 70.3 next weekend. I'll be waving & cheering from New Orleans.
Thanks, how fun, I'd like to find a w/e to get down to New Orleans, perhaps late in the year after all this IM madness is over... have a great time.
I'm totally pissed at your shoe guys for you! after making all that progress running with a lift it's awful to go back to "odd shoes". make sure to bring me one in Florida...we'll get you straightened out soon enough. literally ;)
Yeah, well it is the way it is with the shoe. I think we've got a plan. Hopefully they'll come through before I leave for FL, in which case you can take the old shoe back and we can work our wicked plan.

I'm definitely fascinated by the possibilities of those Spera shoes... see you Friday!
omg friday already...have fun at Rookie! that is like the anniversary of when we first person! haha. are you biking back to Austin from the race ?? :)
There is a product that I have been using to help with the same tissue, bone, and getting older issues. It is a product called Ambrotose by Mannatech. It works! I am also taking an organic Glucosamine/Chondrotin. Email me privately, if you are interested, and I'll put you in touch with a friend that brought this to my attention.

Best wishes! Wildflower is incredible. My daugther, Katie, did the 1/2 and felt that was the pinnacle. :)
Re: Mannatech
Thanks for the heads up. I'm actually doing reasonably well with another supplement, but that will be the subject of a post next week.

I've tried G/C in both tablet form and liquid, I keep a training diary and log all supplements, training, aches and pains etc. I'd say that things didn't improve. That's noyt to say it doesn't work, since I didn't get any worse, but I didn't get any better.

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