Shoe update

New shoe on the left I picked up my new shoes yesterday from RunTex at Lake Austin Blvd, Paul, Jamme and Bill had come through and got the shoe together.

My first reaction was horror. This is the first time I'd had a shoe with the full 2-inch build, and it was completely stiff, no bend in the sole at all. It wasn't as heavy as I thought. By comparison you can see the last built-up shoe in the middle, that was 1.5 inches. You can click on both pictures to enlarge.

Since 2004 I've gone from 3/4-inch internal, to 1/2 external+3/4 internal, to 1 1/2-inches external in 2008. I never really had any problems adjusting to any of these, and any problems as a result of using them.

I walked around in the shoes for a while at home. Sitting down and putting a spirit level across my knees, the right knee is slightly higher, less than 1/4-inch, but it's also a bit swollen since Sundays Rookie Triathlon. After I'd done some work in the guest bedroom at home, I headed out for a run.

The right leg felt very odd as I ran down S 1st Street, although I got to Barton Springs Rd in 6:40, reasonably fast for just under a mile, the shoe felt odd and my knee painful, this may be a result of the race as well. My hip didn't really feel bad, although I could feel either my ITB or hamstring tendon actually slipping on the bone.

Running across the S1st Bridge, I could feel the joint of my knee distinctly feeling very different from normal, and my legs muscles were getting tired. When it came to heading up the footbridge, running uphill, around the loops was impossible, I walked. I started to jog back across the footbridge, over Barton Springs, up through the Jack and Adams parking lot and waited for the lights on Barton Springs and Dawson; I ran as best as I could up Dawson, but when I got to Becker Elementry school, I had to stop. Run over, little more than 3-miles, pain everywhere. This is really disappointing.

I didn't sleep well overnight. Although I took 2x 200mg of Ibruprofin before going to bed, I had to take 2x Excedrin at around 2.30am for the pain and woke up again at 5:30.

More worrying is that my knee has developed an audible click now when walking up stairs, I've had this on the odd occasion before, but normally once or twice. Now its every step.

I've already decided it would be too risky to run in this shoe at Florida 70.3 at the w/e. Although I do like the feel and fit of the Mizunos, my first pair. I'm inclined to wear the left shoe and my old Saucony Grid modified right shoe. Ad of today though, I feel I'm at a new low point with my leg.

I've been here before, both at Escape from Alcatraz where I had real problems with my left arch until the day before the race, and at one of the Bedford Olympic distance triathlons, where I left my shoes in T2 but fully expected to drop out after the bike. As it turned out that day I clocked a new PR at Olympic distance and my foot was fine. Hopefully this will go the same way.
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forgive me for staring... that is quite an addition to your running shoe. do you have this on both shoes? does this change how your foot rolls, your strike and stride? i can't help but think that i'd be constantly tripping in shoes like this. are they heavy?