Surgery time...

 So after yesterdays problems with the shoe and the knee, today was the scheduled medical help to get ready for Florida 70.3 on Sunday. First-up it was back to Warpula to look at my feet. My right foot is clear now and just needed the hard/dead skin removed. The outer problem on my left foot isn't and that needed another round of treatment. As I sit here at 7pm, the pain is just starting to kick-in. If past experience is anything to go by, it will pass by Thursday.

45-minutes later I was in with Elenz, just up the street. His assistant came in first and preped my knee with iodine; laid out the syringe and fluids to do the cortisone injection. Doug came in, examined the knee and decided it need to have the fluid drained, which required more syringes/needles etc. 10-mins later I was done. $285. Jeez, after $150 for the shoes, $40 co-pay for the feet, thats $500 this week alone.

Walking back to the car afterwards felt very weird. There was almost no fluid on the front of the knee, meaning the pressure pain had gone. However, I still had the paid in the hamstring, and the clicking of the knee that started yesterday. During the day the pain has almost completely gone while sitting with the knee bent. However, I can barely stand and straighten it. Walking is increasingly weird, although strangely not painful. However, I do have problems straightening the knee while walking. This is all so weirddd...

Elenz cleared me for swimming and biking this week, no running before Sunday(which was what I expected, hence the rushed run on new shoes last night). I'm going to try swimming at 5:30pm Wednesday up at the Pure Austin Quarry if anyone wants to come along, I'll be swimming with a business friend David.

At this point though it's hard to imagine doing a 5k on Sunday, let alone a half-ironman. Still positive thoughts.... Doug Elenz said "it's a testament to who you are that you can do what you do" - I think he meant I'm mad...

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re: last line.. I think he's right. *giggles* And yet, that's what makes it so wonderful & inspiring.

After reading this & your last post I would say Run, don't walk.. or maybe it's better to walk carefully to you local health food store & get you some Bluebonnet Brand liquid calcium/ magnesium sulfate. I'd take a couple tablespoons each morning & as needed with each dose of excedrin, advil, etc. That's just my little slant. Hope it helps. ;)
oh ahh.. yes. First, it should relieve the intensity of pain, like turning down the amplifier, the pain becomes less & less over time. It rebuilds bone loss & strengthens tendons & connective tissue. Also important as cortisone shots deplete the body of calcium especially in the area of injection.

It's good schtuff!