Florida 70.3 race report

I'll be short, finished in something like 7.43, terrible.

The whole race went really badly, swim long, glasses fogged up, T1 my aero bottle came off, wasted 2-mins getting back on, no legs on bike, seemed to be going backward for 40-miles, aero bottle fell off on the only hill on the course, more wasted time, run, well the legs I didn't have on the bike, didn't come back and instead of getting a PR at my last half, I'm pretty sure I had a PW and ended up in the medical tent getting 1.5 litres of saline... Still, got the t-shirt and the hat, now have 5-months to get my shit together for IM Arizona.

In the good news dept., @mojojoey won the 25-29 age group, she had to chose between her pro license and a Clearwater, she went for th Pro license. Will post picture later.

On the Pro front, Leanda Cave from the UK won again. Amy Marsh from Austin was 4th!

My knee held up pretty well, no real problems, no pain while, err, walking and none afterwards. I just have to work out what went wrong, did I really mess up my hydration that badly?

So that's that, no more 70.3 for me...
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Am really frustrated though, just over a month ago I did a sprint on Saturday, and on Sunday did a half and was only just outside my PR, today I was fresh and 1:45 over... Sigh.
Sorry to hear the bad news.

Very happy about the good news. That's awesome for mojojoey...

I got engaged last week, btw. Maybe I should mention that in my journal...

CONGRATULATIONS! That's great news. Adam and I were hoping you were ok as we hadn't seen or heard from you for ages and you didn't show for the Rookie.

Yes great news for Jocelyn, she was storming on the bike when she passed me, even beating a pack of men biking. Gotta say these 70.3 races are more like draft fests for guys who want to cheat.
Sorry to hear about the race. I hope you get things figured out.