One more thing - soul searching

Not that I'm fixated about what happened yesterday, ok actually I am... I just reread my post of last week where I discussed the side effects of the cortisone injection, although I said I'd experienced increased urination, this continued until race morning and I assumed was just that I was hydrating properly. Maybe not and that explains the hydration issue. While I was hydrating, more was coming out than went in!

But I struck through muscle weakness and limp feeling as I hadn't or didn't think I was suffering from them. Yet, this is exactly how I felt during the swim, bike and run. Maybe my search for a solution to my knee problems actually caused a bigger problem. More research needed, and as much as I like Joel Friels research, it doesn't go to explain why I was in blazing form and faster last w/e.

Maybe the cortisone screwed me up...