Mojojoey "MTV" cribs report

 In case you don't keep up with mojojoey 's Team TBB blog, here is a link to her blog on what it takes to make a pro triathlete, MTV cribs style expose. If only that was all it took. It takes greate talent, coaching and a bucket load of stick-to-it-ness. Good luck in with your "pro" future @mojojoey and have fun in NY!

Her race report from Florida 70.3 is here and includes this picture. Jocelyn and I took time Saturday to look at my new running shoe, and she's going to have a go at fixing it when she gets back to California.
thank YOU travel sponsor! my official race report is in progress right now with the official race photos. should be up within 24hrs!!
Yeah... don't forget the medical tent picture :-( I'm uploading mine in a minute...