Dear Livejournal...

Sorry I've been ignoring you, I have to admit much of my Tri related training and personal life stuff has migrated over to Facebook. I have to say the only real reason for that is I've been too busy, too tired or in too much pain to write anything more than 256-character posts that Facebook allows for status.

So, heres a summary of what I've been up to.

First up, I got ticketed for speeding going across South 1st Bridge after Blaize's Toga Party. Actually I got stopped for drink driving, but since I was perfectly sober the cop did the nice thing and ticketed me for "just" [his words] doing 40 in a 30 speed limit. Except at least as far as the signage goes's at the point at which he pulled out to stop me, I was in a 35MPH zone. Thinking about an appeal/Not guilty plea.

As if that wasn't enough, I full in a full Roman centurion outfit when he stopped me and did the whole DWI thing, not sure who it was more embarrassing for, him or me.

Next-up my knee. It hasn't been right since I had it drained and a cortisone shot before Florida 70.3 - my miracle cure turned into a nightmare. Combine this with the ongoing treatment for Plantar warts and my running is back below zero. I'll write some more on this, along with an entirely separate post on the plantar warts.

Cycling has been going well. I've done the Real Ale Ride, and the Atlas Ride, along with the Jack and Adams Sunday rides I've been clocking in around 100 miles per w/e. Swimming has been mediocre but ongoing. I need to step up my game.

I was out in Silicon Valley for a week for work. It was very interesting, but not for here. One thing worth mentioning though is I got to visit darcylynnein hospital after a serious road traffic accident. She was in great spirits, and was managing as best she could. Hope you are ok, sorry I have not been in touch...

Finally, Gareth Emery from the UK is coming to Austin this weekend to play a gig a the Light Bar on Congress. I get to collect Gareth from the airport and have dinner with him before the gig, he is friends with my eldest Daughter, Ella. Check out his podcasts here, I don't expect to see any of you there, but you never know, alkaloids ? I've got a free guest list place...

I'm sure there are other things, but thats it for now.
OMG, I can not believe that you were ignoring all of your LiveJournal community! Hahhaahhahaha...seriously I am just kidding! I don't know that I expect anyone to continuously feed my insatiable appetite for LiveJouranl. AGain, ahhahhahah, I am the worst with keeping up with my LiveJournal friends. I have also migrated much of my internet communicatiomn over to Facebook. There are so many things to do. However, it does not allow for the 'journaling' space that LiveJournal allows. So, I have LJ for journaling. Facebook gives me instant communication with friends daily.

Therefore, please do not apologize. I loved your visit. It gave me so much hope for the future. Thank you, Mark, you lightened up my spirits. It was really great having dinner with you. I hope the hospital food was not to gross! LOL! I have been busy with lots of PT. I will move over to Livermore, CA to the VA Hospital there. It's a much slower paced environment with PT's that have an enormous amount of experience, have been published numerous times, and not as aggressive in their approach to PT as they want to be here. Ortho wanted me to weight bear on both legs yesterday! However, they made the decision without consult with the surgeon. So, I am passing on their recommendation pending new exrays reviewed by the surgeon in Roseville at Sutter Hospital. That is where all of that stands as of right now. I have also been up and down on blood pressure meds. I spend a lot of the day and night sleeping.

Keep us posted on the 'legal' issue! Man you really like to live on the edge don't you? If anything you are one very brave soul. Hey, we already knew that about you. Brave driving around in a 'toga' outfit.

Have a great time visiting with Gareth Emery. Lucky lucky you! :) Take care Mark. Best wishes and blessings always!
Re: Pifted

Interestingly, if you post public Livejournal entries, you can have them show up on Facebook as Notes, minus comments. If you post friends only or private Livejournal entries, they don't show up on Facebook. Let me know if you want info on how to do this.

Its great news that you continue to make steady, if not slow progress. That's the most important thing. Sometimes it will seem like you are not making progress, but like a snail travelling a mile, it will be there.

I'm still bummed about getting stopped, not because of the centurion costume, because its lazy policing when there are more important things to be done. It was 00.30, a six lane bridge with no traffic on it, and the speed limit changes at the far end of the bridge. I was definately doing less than 45, and would have been coasting at that point. I guess I'll probably take the defensive driving course, I just don't have the time to do the research and do a not-guilty plea. On the hospital food thing, actually all considering, it was pretty good. Hospital food gets a bad rap, and yes its bland, but overall given the number of people and distribution needs, it was great! If you want to send a friend request, pictures have already appeared on facebook... It's a shame I'm not closer, I'd stop by again. I hope the move to Livermore will be painless, will they transport you by Ambulance??

Good luck, I have to say I'm looking forward to coming out to go horse riding next year, I think ;-)