I've enjoyed DJ Chicken George since you intro'd him to me. Amazingly delicious. I usually listen over on properly chilled but was thrilled to see him on Blip! *woots*

Your party Saturday is gonna rock!
Went to the gig, missed the Ocote Soul part completely... DJCG was great though, had to leave around midnight thrity, other fish to fry... we should go next time you are in town for a Saturday night...
I totally *whooped* when I got this note on Holiday!

Yes! Next I'm that direction I'd love to go. *happy applause*
email or tweet me an address, I'll send the complete DJCG set from deeply chilled, and Vol3-6 and 10 from Buddha Bar on a DVD as MP3's.

I can't make up my mind about BB10. Return to form, rip-off overly commercial, or actually a nice return to the earlier style... comments welcome!