Leg pain, it's not the knee stupid!

 So, after the cortisone injection and draining of my right knee, the pain seemed to have got much worse. However, I've been having increasing problems since earlier in the year, it even got to the point that if I'd been sitting down for an hour plus, I'd almost collapse as my knee buckled under me when I stood up. Ultimately this led to me seeking out help, seeing Doug Elenz and the whole cortisone episode.

Here is what I noticed. I spent the best part of a couple of days working from a meeting room, when I stood up I didn't really have the loss of control, buckling problem. However, I did still have the extreme tightness in my left quad. When I started at my new job I was the recipient of one of those funky Herman Miller Aeron Chairs. It had adjustments in ever direction, and was fab for comfort.

Except. what I didn't really notice was that it was actually restricting circulation to my lower right leg. Imagive, you've got to put both feet on the floor when sitting down. One leg is 2-inches shorter than the other below the knee. What this means is typically I either sit bolt up right, or slumped. The Herman Miller chair had a mesh base and back. No end of adjustment could make them base/seat support my weight without sagging. Tipping the chair this way and that way etc. really didn't make much difference either. The hard edge of the chair would push into my right quad area either about 3-inches when sitting upright, or 10-inches when slumped.

I got rid of the chair after seeing Blaze for massage, where he spent the b est part of an hour working on my quads, deep tissue, and gave me some stretches. I noticed the next morning the pain the chair was causing. I now have a Howarth Zody chair in all black, it has a padded, enforced base and a really comfortable back. After 3-days the problem has gone away. I've been doing the stretches twice per day, and all day today, while my knees are stiff if I don't stand-up for any extended period...

So, who knew, a $1400 office chair couldn't be adjusted enough. As one of my coworkers suggested a foot rest, used under one or both feet might have worked too!
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holy crap. that is kind of brilliant, how come none of us has thought of this before?!?

though I did ponder if I should make you a lift for the work shoes...

speaking of which I'm gonna do that this weekend, so we should talk about that before I start slicing and dicing :)