Jody and the BTA - Don't shoot the messenger

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>>BOB - All will be revealed.... in the fullness of time

No all will be revealed tomorrow.. according to the BTA web site. Another twist in this is that not only did Andrea not race last week, but she was on the start list for Hungry well before Jody, but didn't race in the end. One can only wonder why...
Given both Jody and Andrea are "true" Brit's I can't lay my normal claim of bias towards the mercenaries, one can only wonder given Andreas record both this year and earlier why Graham Maw and the selection panel would stick with Jody ? While there is no doubt that she's had a run of bad luck, including last week, we all know that to a great extent you make your own luck.

Still, rather than heap scorn on Jody if she does still go, I think we should turn our questions on the real problem... Maw and the selection process. Why is it that selection to the Olympics, arguably the most important in 4-years for the funding of OUR sport is left to some arcane, obtuse selection process... No medals back from Greece and there will(ought to be) a lot of explanation about the slecetion, training, management of athletes given the money available.

Since Norman and the boys are so keen on comparison with USAT, they ought to adopt the discipline and transparency of the USAT selection process and rules, irrespective of the outcome in Greece.

"Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition." Nobody expects bias, evasion, and unexplainable, unaccountable influence.
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Andrea MUST go!!!
While the real problem may be "Maw and the selection process", I'm sure Andrea couldn't give a stuff about that right now - she deserves the spot, plain and simple.

Best summed up by Anneliese Heard (who along with Leanda Cave, stuffed Jodie), speaking from the Hungary event today "Leanda and I had the opportunity to qualify, we didn't make the grade, so we didn't get picked". "Jodie has had the same chance and hasn't done it either"

Come on Selection people, show some balls and pick Whitcombe. Jodie may well be a potential Gold Medal winner on form and fit, but that isn't going to happen in 2004.

John Levison

If this is true, Maw should be kicked out of the job now for being utterly inept.

Piss up in a brewery?

John Levison