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June Pure Austin Splash and Dash

Having got back from a poor Half-Iron 70.3 race in Orlando, and then had two weeks of non-stop pain from Plantar Wart treatment, I wasn't really expecting much from the Splash and Dash, perhaps just to see how far my running had regressed. Only Monday afternoon did I go visit the company medical center and have the nurse lance and draw the fluid from the blisters on both feet from the last treatment.

The outside of both feet was sore and still difficult to stand on, I really hadn't made up my mind if I'd do the run, but having entered, figured I'd show up, put my shoes out and see how my feet felt when I got out and scrambled up the rough ground.

There was a big crowd, I arrived late, got my race number and body marked while still in my work clothes and then headed back to the car to get changed. I took the opportunity(aka I had to) of being late to run around to the start. Before long and with time to warm-up in the water, we were off.

Somehow I ended up too near the front on the swim, which meant I was getting in a few competitors way, mostly guys since we were starting in two waves. Some of the top women could elected to start in the mens wave if they want to avoid have to swim past/over the majority of the mens wave.

My swim went ok, I expect to do much better next month, hint, you should enter soon if you are thinking of racing, as they fill up a week or more before the events these days. I came out of the water and although my feet were painful, it was barable. I t was my first run with the mojojoey modified shoes and using the Mizuno Wave® Nirvana™ 5 as a pair. What I noticed was the small strips of elastic holding the tongue in place were difficult with wet feet. So I've cut them out now. Anyway, the timing was electronic and taken in a slightly different place from previously, so my first time of 14:23 compared to Aprils 13:27 was good enough.

Out on the run I tried not to sprint too much and try to hold back, given my lack of fitness. This seemed to work well even on the last lap. However, it didn't stop Amit somehow managing to pass me. I'm going to beat him one of these races, sadly it won't be next month as he's off on honeymoon!

Overall I was very pleased with my 31:50 time and especially the 17:27 runtime, compared to 16:32 run and 29:50 overall in April. I was 36/73 Males and 60/162 overall. I was 2nd in the malezs older than 50 category and beat quite a few younger guys, that works for me!

It was also great to see so many people from the Austin tri community I can now call my friends!
Tags: high 5 events, pure austin, races, spalshanddash, splash and dash
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