Training update - I will be an Ironman, one day

Well I've done the distance, but never a WTC race. So given this year is likely to be my last with anything approaching real running, I thought I'd go out with a bang and do IM Arizona. However, rather than just finish, even with my "disability" , I want a shot at being the best I can be.

and so it was that I got a training plan/program included in my VIP package from the WTC, from - It's early days yet, but I'm doing my best to translate their program into something that both fits my schedule, and my available time but taking into account my recovery needs. It's meant a pretty big step up in training, mostly for the last 15-days I've not skipped a day of training and yesterday and today I feel exhausted but strong.

My schedule goes something like this weekly, adjusted to meet the effort/distance requirements of the program:

Monday: 2-3 hour eliptical trainer workout
Tuesday: 30-50-mile bike ride, easy or hard
Wednesday: 2800-3500m swim
Thursday AM: Run 3-8-miles
Thursday PM: Massage
Friday AM: 2800-3500 Swim
Saturday AM: Long Ride - 60-80 miles, 3-5 hours
Saturday AM: Brick after bike, 20-mins
Sunday AM: Ride 2-3 Hours
Sunday PM: 2800-3500 Swim

So far I've managed to get all their key workouts into the schedule, but I have to admit, it's kind of exhausting and I'm only in build week #4 this week. Still, I've taken the plunge and decided to sign-up and attend a training camp in September for my birthday.The camp dates are 18-20 September.

Rather than just arriving Thursday 17th for the Friday camp start, and leaving Sunday 20th, I'd like to find some other things I can do that would add to my training time in California. I'm up for ideas or suggestions in Northern or Southern California.

For racing, I'm trying hard not to miss racing short distance. However, I've decided to race Marble Falls Triathlon on July 19th. It's an intermediate distance race. 1000m swim, 23-mile bike and 4.4-m ile run. Assuming I can get my running going again and keep the Plantar Warts at bay, this could be a great race for me.

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