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The king of shoes

 I did a deal with mojojoey for travel sponsorship for the rest of the year and it's truning into a win/win for both of us. Not only is she winning IM distance races but it looks like she's made me a kick-butt shoe.

After the hassling, and ultimately disappointment over the last shoe I had built here in Austin, mojojoey said she'd have a go at fixing them, and although she'd never done shoes before did a pretty good effort and I've been using them since. We agreed that it would be worth getting another pair done before she left for the Jeju Isand IM distance triathlon. That would mean I had a spare pair, and next time there wouldn't be so much of a rush. We also talked about maybe looking for some ways to make them more flexible and lighter.

The shoes showed up on Monday, the day after Wongsters win, however since they were signed for delivery and the South Congress is only open from 8:30-6pm I couldn't get there to collect them until yesterday. As I'm racing at Marble Falls on Sunday I headed down to packet pickup at Austin Tricyclist and then home to change and do a bit of a bike warm-up session, I left the shoes on the garage floor. I did a couple of reps of Dawson/S 5th/Ben White and then headed back down W Johanna, feet out of shoes, electronic garage door opener and a running dismount. I had problems with the left she insole rucking up, and hadn't yet fitted elastic lace, but as soon as I started to run I could feel the difference. The flex in the sole of the shoe was fab, the angled toe and heel really made a difference and my legs felt great and fresh.

So, rather than keep these shoes until the others wear out, I've decided to designate these as my race-day shoes and see how things go. Big thanks Jocelyn, enjoy summer camp with the big boys!

You can click on the pictures to see larger versions. Also, if you found your way here while searhcing for help on built-up shoes, you can follow this link to see some of my prior write-ups.
Tags: mizuno, mojojoey, shoes
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