Running the London Bridges

 I was back in the UK at the start of July for my son, Oli, 21st birthday. It was a short trip, I left Austin on Thursday, flew via Chicago, arrived in London early morning. By the time I found my way out of Heathrow on the Paddington Express and into a cab at Paddington Station, it was peak commuter time. The cab was a rip-off 28UKP or about $54, admittedly most of it wasn;t the drivers fault going from west to south east central London at peak times. The private limo back from the hotel to Paddington was 25UKP, but a new MERC E-Class, immaculatly new and waiting for me when I came down from my room.

Anyway, I got to the Hilton London Bridge, in Tooley St, at around 9:40a.m. After a unpacking, I wasted ages trying to get my 3 pre-paid SIM card working, and decided it was time to buy another, I'd decided to go run the bridges of London and see how I got on. The Hilton is ideally placed right by Tower Bridge, but I decided to go east first and head over London Bridge to the 3 store on Cannon Street. From there I headed down to Southwark Bridge, across that, along the river walk and over the "wobbly" bridge outside the Tate Modern, back north again I ran to the Blackfriars Bridge, from Blackfriars bridge, past my old IBM UK Office, past the National Theatre and across Waterloo bridge.

By this time my knees were hurting and I was feeling tired. Despite having blagged a free business class upgrade on American Airlines, I'd really only dozed for a few hours, and so it was I decided to cut short the run, crossed on the new Hungerford footbridge and ran back to the hotel on the South side of teh Thames. It was a fun idea, but the time I was heading back the footpaths were crowded with tourists and foreigners, as well as City workers out for lunch. I covered 5:43-miles. I didn't have any time for other exercise while I was in London, apart from plenty of sightseeing with my parents, sister, and my kids. I got to walk Tower Bridge just after midnight Saturday with my eldest daughter Ella, time for a nice chat! Monday at 4:45 I was in the limo and heading back to the airport and Austin.

Sadly, at least as of July 3rd, my feet were still hurting from the plantar warts and treatment. When will this ever end ??
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