Pain free feet

 Well it's been a very long, at times, very painful experience. Despite my knee problems, widely documented here, this year I've had serious foot issues. As best as I can recall, sometime mid-summer last year I started to get hard skin on the outside of both feet.

At first I was excited about this(d'uh), I thought how much less pain I'd have if my feet had hard skin when I went sprinting through triathlon transition, barefoot. Sadly after a couple of months I realised that the hard skin itself is painful even when wearing shoes and socks. I experimented with various creams, posted on the trigeeks livejournal forum mostly common sense replies, but nothing really helped.

Earlier this year, while I was on a drive tyo get a number of minor health related issues sorted out, and to get a specialist to look at my knee, I asked my family doctor about teh hard skin. He referred me to Dr Rick Warpula, Podiatrist at Austin Family Foot care. He quickly diagnosed Plantar warts in my feet, you couldn't easily see them becuase of the hard skin. What followed was 4-months of some oif the most painful treatment I've ever endured. It effected everything, even sitting in the office. On top of that, with the insurance co-pays, various creams etc. this has cost me over $400 USD.

Finally last Monday I went for a longish run, by this years standards, and I can honestly say I got around without any foot pain. So let this be a lesson tri folks, check your feet at least once every week; any sign of any small clusters of black/brown spots, either go straight to your family doctor for treatment or head to the pharmacy to buy an over-the-counter treatment, of which their are plenty. The earlier you spot this and start treatment, the easier, and thus less expensive and painful it is to treat.

The Mayo Clinic has a good write-up on Plantar warts with a picture that looked very similar to my feet. There does seem to be some truth to treating plantar warts by sticking duct tape on them, and even a scientific study to back it up. I'm thinking of trying this when I get them again. For ultimately, it seems like I will. Plantar warts are caused by HPV entering the skin through small cuts and breaks, especially around stale water. I've hopefully got my final appointment with Warpula on Monday. Don't let Plantar Warts ruin your season!
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Good to hear you're doing better and better and getting everything figured out.

I wanted to do a ride this morning that was steady but not as intense as ATC, and got excited about joining up with you, but then saw that you seem to have the great idea that it's ok to start a ride at 7:30AM. Holymoly. =)

I have been doing lots of cycling lately and did the crit on Thursday night and stayed with the group (phew, thank god they corner like scared 14 year old girls) so will be more likely to see you around in the near future.
Yeah we are doing longer rides, so starting earlier... 6.30 for 80-miles otherwise its just too hot to be doing the last 20-miles of an 80-miler between 11-12...

I'll add you to the invite list again for this Saturday, not sure what we'll be doing but normally have a good couple of younger guys, Rich and Zac come out with us, they can go fast if you want... otherwise we do what the girlies and me can keep up with which is usually 18-20 AMPH.

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Yeah, it probably would. I, however, recently sold my TT bike to cover most of the cost of Ira's engagement ring setting. Oops! Yeah, I'll be sticking with crits and then the Tour of Austin which is in September I think which may be super cool. There's pretty much no details, but it is good timing for me. Tearing off weight...