triman (triman) wrote,

Long Ride Saturdays - It's happenin'

 I've been coordinating these through Facebook for about 8-weeks now, I forgot that my original Austin Tri friends were all here on Livejournal, and not all on Facebook, sorry for those that are duplicates.

Unlike the Sunday Rides that we do from J&A, these are keep up and regroup rides. We try to average 17MPH and usually go around 70-miles. This week its a steady ride, we go for lunch afterwards, so bring clothes to change into... If you want to come this week, leave a comment, email me or just show up Saturday... here's the FB message I just sent.

So, looks like we've got at least seven this week, despite Jacks Generic Triathlon on Sunday.

The consensus seems to be to do the Longhorn Triathlon course, it's a 12-mile ride out through east Austin to Decker Lake, which will be quite early; and then a 56-mile blast around the Longhorn 2008 bike course which will be mostly empty and mostly flat but has the Decker Lake hill right at the end; then its 12-miles back into town, making 80-miles.

I won't be doing cue sheets, the out and back is on the J&A website, the Longhorn course is on their website. However, the point is to do it as a group ride... I've not ridden for 2-weeks, Tammy wants to take it steady, and we should have a few new to the group, so steady it is for this week.

Once we get on the Longhorn Course there are only really two water stops. One is about 26-miles into the ride, the other about 50-miles in. So, bring what you need, we'll stop at both and make sure everyone has full bottles before we leave the first!

6:30 depart from Jack and Adams, park in Lee Barton Rd to leave the shop spaces open! See you in the morning!
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