Back on my feet

 Well we left the house at 6:35 this morning, 10k run planned. My longest run, excluding  2x Half Iron races since back in April due to the Plantar warts. I wasn't sure what to expect, last weeks Extended Marsh Repeats had ended badly with my left foot hurting.

On the way to the turn around on the Mopac footbridge, there was some numbness and tingling, but nothing I couldn't cope with; I stopped and waited for Tammy, who been distracted half way along the trail. Once we were running again, I couldn't believe how tired my legs felt. Some of that would have been the 37-mile spinfest on Parmer Lane last night with Patrick and Lisa, but mostly it showed just how much my running had regressed. I took my PowerGel just before the restart, but along the south side of the trail, Tammy was disappearing in front of me.

Two guys ran past in front of me, both perfectly toe trsiking. That reminded me that I'd found that much easier that the heal strike I'd grown accustomed to over the past 10-years, mostly due to the heal being the only part of my right leg that was even close to the correct length. So I set off in pursuit, it worked out fine and felt good. This is the stretch seen in the attached chart in darker red. My heart rate was up around 95% for that whole stretch. It was no surprise then to get back to South 1st Bridge and find I had nothing left in my legs, zilch.

However, thats encouraging. In the super new Wongster shoe, toe strike is much easier. I must work on that for the next 5-weeks if I'm going to have any chance of a PR at the Prairie Man half iron distance race on Sept 13. Yup, having said FL 70.3 was my last half iron, I'm back at it again. Also, assuming my knees hold up after IM AZ, it looks like it's time to go back to Wildflower Longcourse for unfinished business.

Training recap: Saturday - 80-miles bike, Sunday 28-miles bike, 2-mile run, 2200m swim; Monday day off; Tuesday 37-mile bike, Wednesday 6-mile run, 2-mile swim tonight... Yep, I'm training for an Ironman
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Good to read..
Hi Mark, I really liked your recap of your training on 8/5/2009. Now, two days later, how are you feeling? How is your heel? Most of all how is your knee and your hip? One of the things I didn't pick up on your report was the weather, humidity index and/or airflow?

I am amazed you are going to do another half ironman. You are such an inspiration to me. Best wishes for the prep to Sept 13th. Where will that be held (the city)? Take care and hope all else is well.

If you are going to get that horseback ride in - take good care of your knees!

go go gadget Wongstar shoe!

be patient and build into it slowly. there is still plenty of time until Sept 13th...which will be fun because my next A race is that day too! another ironman in Korea :)