Goodbye Nothing to say...

In the 70's there was a pretend pop northern soul act called Nosmo King and the Javells, they produced a couple of poppy but danceable northern soul like tracks but everyone knocked them becuase they were not the real thing.

Its hard to know anymore if anyone knows or cares what the real thing is, but at least now we know what the real GB Womens Triathlon team is for the Olympics and the selection stands with Jody Swallow. She has my best wishes, I hope Jody, Michelle and especially Julie Dibbens have a great race.

On the other hand to have arrived at this point leaves a bad taste in my mouth, its been a bad week anyway, I've been attacked from all directions for what... caring and raising questions and issues.

In todays announcement Peter Coulson, Chairman of the BTA has with a great piece of obsfucation said we were right all along, but but what about the policy ? the athletes ? Everything ? Then why the disclaimers, appeals and public statements.

On the other hand David Powell in the Times has filed a piece which arrives at where I was back in May. You might want to print some of the links to the BTA news releases, as I'm sure they will vanish shortly. Worse still they get updated and changed without any audit trail. Take a look at "Swallow to demonstrate fitness" listed below. The paragrah in the middle was inserted and wasn't in the original, most people would say Jody had a mediocre bike at best.

As always this isn't about the athletes, each and every one of them one assumes has done their best. Go Team GB.
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What is the real thing ?
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