One for the ego

Pure Austin North Quarry LakeAhh, so I'm up at the Quarry to swim early this morning with Lisa. On the way down to the lake some other guy walks down with us. When we get down to the dock, he says he's having motivation problems doing the training for the Redman IM Distance event, and wonders how others do it.

It was too early for me, I just grunted, said I'd been doing triathlon for 10-years and was pretty self motivated. Lisa talked to him about training, while I warmed up my arms, shoulders etc. and then did my usual run across the dock, dive and got do 3x laps.

After the swim we all got out around the same time, Lisa, then me, then him. He said it was hard getting out in theh morning, and at 38, was getting old for long distance triathlon. I just laughed and said "you are just a youngster" - he said, "you can only be 44", - ahh yes. I wish.
Wahooo! *arms flailin' & dancin' widly*

That is potent motivation! ..not that ya need it ;)
LOL! I can relate to that! Glad you are getting the swimming in. How is your leg?
Actually, touch wood, the leg is going VERY well, I've adapted my running to run on my toes with the new shoes that Jocelyn built for me and it seems to be reducing the impact on my knee significantly.

How you doing now? Just small progress or any big steps lately ??
PT has slowed me down due to the amount of pain that I am experiencing. I took myself off of the morphine. I didn't like the fog brain affect. I am finally getting around to feeling a bit better.

I am doing a peddle type machine now that helps to build the muscle back up in the lower extremeties. My muscles are weakened, as you know, and have to work a bit harder on the muscle and less on impact.

Glad to hear the shoes are working out well. Keep me posted how that goes. When is your next competition and where?