triman (triman) wrote,

What's a bike computer

This came up on facebook, here is my reply:

Karen Rohlfs
What is a bike computer?
10 minutes ago
Mark Cathcart
Mark Cathcart
Karen, its kinda like an eco laptop. It has pedals and wheels and you cycle it to make the processor work, that in turn runs windows. Many people have special indoor attachments called "tubro trainers" which are like kids bike training wheels, they allow you to use the bike computer indoors, as we all know getting your computer wet isn't helpful to its innards. In this case its especially useful if your bike computer runs windows, coz then its just like riding outside...
about a minute ago ·

Training for this week going well, feeling pretty tired. Saturday 93-miles riding; Sunday 22-miles, 1.5-miles swim, 2-miles run; Monday day off; Tuesday 10k run cut short by 1-mile due to heat; Wednesday 2.8-mile swim; Thursday 10k run(all toe strike).
Tags: facebook, training
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