training camp - Amtrak

So, I've signed up for the September training camp out in Solana Beach in California. Last time I met Cassidys Mum, she had just got in from CA via Amtrak rather than flying., This actually sounded like a bit of an adventure, and so I went through the various options to see if I could just bike down to the Austin Amtrak station with a backpack and get onboard.

Well the timing wasn't perfect, and in the end it meant I had to only go as far as Palm Springs and rent a car and drive to Solana Beach, do the camp and then drive back to Palm Springs. Otherwise I'd have arrived late and left early. Not so good on a 3-day camp. But still worth the effort. Turns out the train from Austin also has a 6-hour stop over in San Antonio overnight as well, so I'd really be better suited driving down there for the 5:40am departure and driving back afterwards. But still worth the effort.

I called Amtrak reservations, booked a seat, upgraded to a sleeper roomette. Price $536 roundtrip, expensive, but worth it for the great vistas and the journey, the adeventure etc. So, can I make a reservation for my bike? Amtrak thoughtfully provide a whole page describing the options on their website. I was more than happy to pay for this.

No. You can't take a bike on a train journey that lasts almost 40-hours. TOTAL FAIL. 
So Amtrak, care to actually respond, why on earth not ? 

I guess I'll probably rent a car and drive... I'm so over flying with bikes...
Yep, I suspected they wouldn't allow a bicycle for the trip. I've Amtrack'ed it several times & enjoyed the high points you mentioned but take my word for it.. you'll feel better for having driven yourself! Cost/Benefit analysis.. car is waaay better.