Conforming - Swim clockwise please

 Swimming has been going well, I've not swum in a pool since the middle of January, with the exception of a short swim session with Peggggggy in Morgan Hill one morning. My swim sessions are pretty much settling into Sunday easy swim, 2200m; Wednesday eve. long swim, 3500-4300m; and Friday morning early fast/hard swim 1500-2200m.

Swimming up at the Pure Austin North Quarry is really bliss. The water is warm but has cooled down considerably over the past month or so, so it's no longer like bath water, and it's perfectly clear. There's always a crowd on Sundays and we usually do dinner after, which is fun. However, I've become increasingly frustrated with Wednesday evenings and last Friday summed it all up. I arrived at 7:00am at the water, alone, there was no one else there. The lake was still, the sun just rising over the apartment complex to the east. Perfect. After a brief shoulder warm-up, I ran across the dock and dived in and went as hard as I could for my first lap, check. I got 2/3 around the 2nd lap and woah.... nearly bumped into a swimmer coming in the other direction.

Heck, this isn't Barton Springs, its a 750m lap, it's about an acre of open water. Increasingly people are swimming anti-clockwise, for one of the swim sessions the PAC instructor had even set the drills to swim between the bouys hard/easy alternates.

Whats wrong with these people? Didn't they see midnight express ?? Here's a recap, watch-out I'll be mad if you swim counter clockwise, thats anti-clockwise for my British readers! DON'T BE A BAD AMERICAN!

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I've nearly run into someone there swimming counter clockwise as well. Doh!
Sounds like the best swimming except for the directionally dsylexic! Glad you are having fun...