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Run Far Time Trial - New PR 20:34

I've only had one attempt at the Run-Far Time Trial this year, after a w/e where I beat my legs up with two hard rides and a run. This week though I'm on my taper for the Prairieman Half Iron race in Dallas this Sunday, and so took it easy at the w/e with just a 10k run/45-mile bike/2-mile run.

So I came into the TT pretty fresh and with my Guru BR2 bike all prepped, cleaned and lubed for Sundays race. My prior PR/PB was set on August 26, 2008 with 21:01, 22.8MPH. My time earlier this year was July 13th with a 21:32, 22.4MPH.
After a short 4-mile warm-up I decided it was time to go for it. It was windy but was unlikely to get much better. On the way to the start I picked out a few guys who were headed to the start before me, and decided I should catch them. As I crossed the start line, I started the Garmin and went for it. I caught the first couple relatively early, and couldn't see anyone else ahead. I pushed on and just as I approached the straight before the turn-around spotted another guy and decided he had to be passed before the turn, and I did.

The turn around is the "highest" part of the course, only about 60ft higher than the start, but there are still a couple of deceptive drags for those on aero bars. At the half way point I was at 11-minutes, slower than what I'd like to have been, but ok.

Looking at my HR data above, you can clearly see towards the end of mile-2 through mile-3.5, I was slacking, I put in an additional effort to catch the other guy, just above the 83.1% in the and was able to sustain that for a half mile. The two rapid drop -offs in HR are almost certainly nothing other than lost contacts. My HR data then stays fairly constant until the final sprint at the end.

Speed data for 1-mile distances shows pretty much the same thing. My slowest mile was the mile of the turnaround, if you break it further into half miles, the first half was the slowest of the whole ride, and it picked up significantly once I spotted the guy in front.
The drop-off at the end is the start of the brick-run I did off the bike. What I think these two charts show is that my uphill speed has improved and is more in line with my flat speed, and is where I gained on my prior PR splits, seen below in miles 2/3/4 and 8. Seen below.

I would also say that the wind prevented me from reaching the same top-speeds after the turn around as I did in my prior PR. So overall I could possibly make a sub -20-minute time in the right conditions.

However, with only one TT left this year, that won't happen. I should be back in Austin but it will be after that upcoming half iron race, and after a grueling w/e training camp and a long drive back from California.

What makes last night more frustrating is that Run Far had a rare timing problem and there are no official results. So here ladies and gentlemen of the jury is my Garmin 310XT readout for the ride. You decide, PR/PB or not? I say yes! Officially timed I think I'd have been 20:32 or similar, but at 20:34 that’s an improvement of 26-seconds and a speed of 23.4MPH.

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