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Training update and Prairieman half outlook


So the lack of updates here on livejournal is mirrored by frequent and short rants on facebook. I still find it easier to create livejournal entries with useful formatting and have them show up in facebook as Notes. As far as I'm aware, the opposite isn't possible, having facebook Notes fed into Livejournal. And, of course as my LJ friends know, I can post friends-only entries there, that don't show up on facebook, where as everything on facebook is friends only, and doesn't show up on google or bing search.


Anyway, after AJ's bike crash and my bail a few weeks back, I've had some stiffness in my back and shoulders which affected my swimming, however DR Z aka AJ at Advanced Rehab has taken care of that; the good news is there seems to be no re-occurrence of my plantar warts and no pain from my feet; my knees are almost pain free since I've switched to toe strike and push-off with the Wongster shoes. My last run was with the Wongster recovered RunTex shoes and those seem to work just as well. I need to do a write-up on both pairs.


This week is my taper week leading up to Sundays Prairieman Half distance triathlon. The weather conditions look close to perfect for me, a high of 84f, overcast and there's a chance of thunderstorms, which hopefully will hold off for the swim and the bike. I'm back on the expectation trail. After the disaster that was Florida 70.3, I'm really hoping for a PR/PB at Prairieman, the course suits me, mostly flat. My FL 70.3 time from 2006 was 6:30:25, my cube neighbor Paul, who has two sons that do triathlon, wrote "6-hours or bust" on my whiteboard before this years FL 70.3 which I failed on. The plan for Sunday is to bust that wide-open, but I'll be happy with anything sub-6:30.


The problem with this is it requires me to run/jog the half marathon, something I have not done all year and never done in a triathlon as my knee swells up and impedes mobility . Hopefully if the weather holds, and even rains during the run, I should be good though, I'm ecited to see if I can toe strike the entire run and what the outcome is. I figure sub 40-mins swim, sub-2:45 bike and sub 2:15 half marathon, all eminently achievable and would give a sub-6.


I'll post some LJ and facebook updates and pictures over the weekend, Tammy and I are driving to Dallas Saturday lunchtime after we take Lauren and Jamie to the airport.

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