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JACK AND ADAMS SHOP RIDE SPECIAL: Longhorn 70.3 bike course

JACK AND ADAMS SHOP RIDE SPECIAL: Longhorn 70.3 bike course


WHEN: Saturday October 3rd, 10th 7:30am departure

WHERE: Start from the entrance to Walter E Long park.


This Saturday there will be an informal, unsupported, non-sagged ride around the Longhorn 70.3 bike course. The shop ride will leave from the shop on Sunday at 8:30am as normal.


This ride isn't suitable for beginners, I'll be there and will do my best to help out with any breakdowns but can't promise to help given the length of the course. This is NOT a no-drop ride. Please bring your own spare tubes, a tire boot and any tools you may need.


ROUTE: We will take the 2009 race route, except for the section that goes through the Expo center.  Note the 2009 route starts and ends differently from previous years. You do not do the two hills that are normally at the end of triathlons out at Decker Lake!  The official route map is here:  - I rode the route twice last weekend and spray painted yellow direction arrows in chalk. The rain this week is likely to have faded those, but they will still be visible.


I will bring some alternative maps which are a little easier to read, but to be sure, print your own copy from above.


Summer and the dry conditions hasn't been kind to the roads, especially Lidell which is the normal Triathlon race route behind the lake, and for a couple of sections of Littig. Close group riding in these areas is strongly DISCOURAGED, all cyclists are asked to signal road conditions and pay attention at all times. That said. This accounts for less than a couple of miles on a 56-mile course, but as always you ride at your own risk.


HYDRATION: Since the ride has no SAG support and there are NO corner stores or gas stations until the last 10-miles, please bring any hydration and energy needs.


PARKING: You can park just outside the gates of the park for free, or pay the $8 entry fee and park in the park. Running after the ride, or swimming is your own choice. I'll probably do both if we get back in time.


That’s all the serious stuff done, time for the fun stuff! See you outside the entrance to the lake for a prompt 7:30 start! I'll be doing 2x loops of the course on the 10th, so will be going at only a steady pace for the first loop, second loop will start around 10:30, if you want to come but can't make the 7:30 start time, maybe 10:30am works better, let me know if you want me to expect you!

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