Five years ago - Help me not overtrain

 Well, this Livejournal entry makes fascinating ready. It is almost 5-years to the day since I made my 3rd trip to Austin, to take part in the Livestrong ride. Back in those days it was out in Eastin Austin, on the site that is now the home of the Longhorn 70.3  Expo and T2.

I never finished the ride. Dehydration, under training and poor planing meant that cramps forced me out less than a mile from the end. @Peggy can attest, at the Annual IBM Academy of Technology meeting the following week, I could barely walk. I said in that journal entry that I knew my legs couldn't take a marathon and I'd never consider an Ironman.

Fast forward 5-years. I find myself in the best condition of my life. For the 3rd w/e, I've done 100+ miles over many of the same roads as the Livestrong ride. This past w/e I did two loops of the Longhorn 70.3 half Ironman bike course, 7:30 with the guys, and 10:30 with the gals. I ran after the 114-miles on Saturday and although my knees were stiff when I started, and I was only slow, the only thing that stopped my running further was time. Sunday morning I was up early and out to lead the no-drop shop ride for the Jack and Adams, we had to call it a day early because of the rain and cold, but I still got another 20-miles in. Then yesterday afternoon, despite the cold and rain(for Austin), Lisa, Tammy and I went up to Pure Austin and swam 2400m.

Yesterday evening I went to the cinema and saw "We live in public" and never fell asleep, I came home, did chores, cooked, prepped lunches for this week, cleaned all my stainless steel in the kitchen and went to bed at 10pm and woke up at 4:30am today, feeling great.

So, why is it I'm worried I'm a). overtraining or b). peaking at the wrong time ? I'm more convinced than ever I can finish Ironman Arizona ion a respectable time, for me nothing less will do, yet at the same time, I can't believe in just 6-week it will all be over. 

Two final thoughts. First up, best wishes to Jennifer Walker. Jennifer "t-boned"a SUV Saturday while training here in Austin for IM Arizona. Apparently she went over the top of the SUV, her week old race bike is totaled. She has no broken bones and only minor roadrash, probably because she was wrapped up from the cold. Here's hoping she doesn't stiffen up too much this week and see you on the finish line in Tempe.

Second, how do others cope with the taper, and manage not to over train in those final weeks?

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Yeah, thats the 2nd piece of advice I've had on the caffeine, Roch Frey told me the same. I'm not sure about the bike ride thing yet. I'm supposed to be shipping my bike with Tri Bike Transport, so I'm not sure when I can pick it up. Hopefully at least by the Friday though as I get there Wednesday.

Thanks for the advice, I thought about taking it really easy this week after I read your comment, and decided this wasn't the right week, ha, missing the point...

I'm still hoping to get my run up to 15-16 miles, I figure I get two more shots at this before I really have to start tapering. I'm also having issues over taking Ibuprofen. I used to think this was essential to get through a long run, but have not used it so far in my post June prep. However, my knees are still stiff and painful, just further into the run than they used to be.
Sounds like everything is in order & you are on time! That's great for anybody but you. You love beating the clock so be sure to schedule something last minute in there for fun just so you can cross the line, get the best seat, dash on through right before the airplane shut the doors.. you get the idea. That always seems to please your tri-spirit! *lol*