I am a carbo pro

 About 10-weeks ago I was on a multisports.com training call with Paula Newby Fraser and Roch Frey. Roch said something that confused me when talking about race nutrition, he said using carbo pro as a source of energy in a bike bottle, you need not to include it in your hydration plan. I wasn't sure I heard him right. When I attended the multisports camp a few w/e's back I asked him about it, and confirmed I'd heard right. I also talked to Patrick Evo who said much the same thing.

Well over the camp w/e I tried carbo pro, just mixing 2-scoops per bottle. Last w/e I moved up to 3x scoops per 500ml bottle and this past w/e I moved up to 4x scoops per bottle. I do half a bottle of water, half a bottle of gaterade and then add the carbo pro and shake.

Turns out this one bottle of 500ml is effectively the same in calories and carbs as 4x Powerbar gels. Only it's hugely more consumable than that number of gels and especially gatorade and gels. I've always felt that gatorade, what ever its benefits left after a few bottles and salty, thirst taste and never really been in good shape out on to the run. Now I admit that this may have a lot to do with my fitness, especially for long distance, but the carbo pro really has made a difference.

So my race day nutrition plan is to mix a couple of small bottles up as described about and stick them in my seat mounted bottle holders. To sip at these on the bike, and then just to take water from the aid stations and use that for hydration in my Profile Aero bottle, along with one Thermolyte capsule every 30-mins. The two carbo pro bottles + a couple of gels and maybe half a banana should see my through and strong out onto the run. Courtesy of the swag I got from the multisports training camp , I got 2x 3LB bags for free!!

Thats still likely to be slightly under the calories I need, but at least reading this, is about the most I'll be able to digest. I'm a CarboPro
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Carbo pro is good stuff
I do similar calculations with my infinit nutrition