Ironman Executive Challenge at IM Arizona

 So, aides from the regular age group competition, I'm racing in the IM Executive Challenge, in the 50+ category. We are racing for one Ironman Hawaii slot for 2010, there are five of us in that category, I'm the only one that doesn't have an official IM 140.6 time, the slowest is 16+ hours, and the other guys have 11:05, 11:25 and 12:09 - so realistically I have no chance, but hey it's Ironman, anything can happen.

Here is the bio that the IM Folks will put in the race pack. To be honest when they asked these questions I had not idea what it was for...

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Yeah, I liked that... I added the other stuff because I thought it sounded arrogant otherwise ;-)
This is brilliant to see. YES!!

Here's to NOT taking life for granted! *big cheers*