If you live on the edge...

... you've got to be prepared to fall off sometimes.

One of the great things about being a triathlete is that "living on the edge" feeling. The freedom from an early morning lake swim just as the sun is coming up, the satisfaction when you get back home at 10.00a.m. after a 60-mile ride when most people are barely out of their PJ's, and then there is the elation that comes from finishing a race.

These freedoms were bought sharply back into focus when I read this piece in the Australian Daily Telegraph today. Following on the London Triathlon at the w/e where a man in his fifties died in the water, as well as a number of similar deaths in other triathlons. The Daily Telegraph article, under the the title of Harrop's quest is riding on emotion it discusses Loretta Harrops quest for an Olympic gold to highlight the fate of cyclists in Australia. The Daily Telegraph reports that five triathletes had died on the roads in the past three years alone, one of which was Lorettas younger brother and promising triathlete Luke Harrop.

Makes you stop and think. As Phil Esterhouse, the Station Sergeant on Hill St Blues used to say "And, hey - let's be careful out there."
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