Tracking Arizona

First up, Arizona is Mountain time, that means we are 1-hour behind Austin and 7-hours behind the UK. So race start time is 8am Austin time and 2pm UK time.

Unlike most races, there are numerous ways to track and watch online. I'm told there will be video coverage on they will also have the official splits and results. I'm race number 73

This race are a few extra options.

The simplest way to track me will be through my twitter page. - updates will be automatically pulled from ironman and posted on my twitter page. You can access this through a web browser, PDA/iPhone without creating a twitter userid. If you have a twitter userid, you can even subscribe for txt message updates. You should see swim, bike loops and run loop times as well as a finish time.

MyAthlete Tracker
I'll be wearing a real time transmitter I got to use as part of the ironman executive challenge. It is not using ironmanlive and assuming it is working you should be able to see exactly where I am in real time. It doesn't work for the swim, so I'll put it on before I go out on the bike and it will show where I am, time and speed if you hover the mouse over the small squares.

There are two web pages: - For web browsers and for PDA/iPhones,

You can track quite a few of the Austin athletes, including pro's Ritchie Cunningham and Terra Castro, as well as Tammy, Maggie, Rhonda and Jennifer Walker from this web page on Thanks to Jane for pulling this together, also for the linking ironmanlive to my twitter account.

So thats that for me.
I'm about as ready for an Ironman as I ever will be. I'm a little apprehensive about the mass start swim, who wouldn't be starting out a 2.5-mile swim with 2,500 others. I'm kinda hoping to find some clear water somewhere, and going for a swim exit around 1:15. I rode my bike yesterday for the first time with (yet)another set of forks. This time Cannondale Slice Ultra carbon but with an Aluminum stearer. I handles well and is fairly stiff on corners, so that should be ok and no chance of snapping during the race. So, assuming I don't have any mechanical problems, I'm aiming for steady 1:55 loops, which would give me a 5:45 time. Then for the run who knows. I've never, ever done anything like this distance, apart from the hobble through the Longest Day triathlon in 2006 for which they didn't get my time.

I'm figuring anything less than 13:20 will be a stellar 2-hour improvement over the Longest Day, in my heart though I desperately want to go sub-12, but frankly I can't see how to do this. I saw a great quote on the drive down, I can't remember where, it went something like "If you are prepared to lose, you'll never win!" - Well, I'm not prepared to lose!

I read mojojoey 's blog entry for Ironman Florida last night, now thats fighting spirit!

I'm so loving the synchronicity that is your Race Number!

Also, good to know that in Numerology the 7 & 3 make a 10 which is 1 + 0.. the zero perfecting the effect of being #1. 1 being masculine energy that strikes out on its own and pioneers what is new, original, and seething with energy.. Oh ya!

Consider me tuned in & locked into countdown.
irongroove & congrats!
hey mark,
we chatted a bit @ des' party this weekend (about american and european football/futbol/etc). i had seen you in the shop and talked briefly and such but never heard your story with triathlon. simply amazing! i just wanted to pass on a big congrats for your ironman arizona performance. it sounded like a stellar day for racing. enjoy the huge success and rest up for 2010!
take care,
kelly (williamson)