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Getting back on track...

So, after Ironman Arizona I figured 2-weeks off would be a good thing, everyone said you needed it to recover. Actually the Friday after the race I went swimming up at the Quarry, I wasn't physically tired, but after a lap around with Chris and Eric, I just didn't have the focus or mental desire, so swam a 100m or so, turned and floated and waited for the other guys. I helped lead aka Escort the Sunday Jack and Adams Shop ride and it went OK. But after that everything I planned for the following week got cancelled because of the weather, missed connections, or just lack of get-upedness.

And so I finally managed to get back to a routine some 3-weeks after Ironman Arizona. My lesson from Arizona was that I didn't run hard enough or long enough, hence my poor, but predicted run/marathon time. My physical recovery was relatively easy, mental not so much. I'm not sure if my mental state was more trying to dissect what had happened during the race, the euphoria having put in a respectable time, or just the mental exhaustion of racing, work and planning for family visits and my trip to India.

Still, I'm back. I had a blast at the Austin Santa Speedo run on the 12th, we had a smaller crowd than last year, and overall the run was smaller, along with the trail of lights. Probably due to the late decision to hold the event. You can catch the promotional video that OutYouth made from this years run, here on Youtube.

Well done Head Santa Cruz for pulling things together, and to everyone that came out... (hmm, no pun intended.)

Next up was the Austin Duathletes Annual Red Dress run. Unlike the Santa Speedo, this run had been posted on Facebook and widely promoted after last years funfest. We had a huge crowd for the start at Jack and Adams, but by the time we were left running over the S Lamar bridge around 1a.m., it seemed to be many of the same people from 2008, and as always, when we got to the Barton Springs Saloon, many had already found their way there by means other than running!

I have to say, as much as running around town in a Red Dress was fun, and there were some great efforts, walking home up Dawson and South 5th, at 2pm it was COLDDDDD....

I did the shop ride again on the Sunday, this time doing the 35-mile ride and pushing on from the back and riding home with the lead group, although I struggled. I had a last swim session up Pure Austin Quarry with Chris Garlington, I'd done a loop and a half by the time Chris arrived, we did a loop and a half and were done. Not really decided what I'm doing for swimming over the winter but do need to work a schedule.

I was out in Big Bend and Marathon TX for the Christmas holidays. Although the temps were below freezing most mornings, I got out for a long run 3x including this 7-mile run, which included a fab sunrise and massive long shadows. The run was simple, out of the house I rented, then turn left or right. By the 3rd day I'd worked out that turning left got warmer quicker.

We also did Fort Davis and the McDonald observatory, which was great. After that it was the long drive back. I managed to avoid getting yet-another speeding ticket, but did get stopped for apparently having front lights but no rear lights, but by the time the State Trooper had stopped me, strangely my rear lights were on again. I got let off with a warning.

Of course, it was entirely coincidental that the next day I got a call about donating to the TEXAS DPS State Troopers Benevolent society. I'm now the proud owner of a sticker... Lets see how 2010 goes ;-)

And finally new years day was the 1:1 Run organized by Red Liquorice. It was nothing to do with me, but somehow the run morphed from being a New Years Day run, to being an underwear run. Since I'd already done the Santa Speedo, I wasn't keen on running around town in a speedo style short and so worked on the safe option, a womans slip bought from the thrift store.

We had to run from Jack and Adams over to the Rogue Equipment on East 5th, we could get there anyway we wanted, had to get a stamp and then turn around and run back. I took the shortest route both out and back, running across South 1st Bridge and then zigzagging across town. Many took the discrete route, going along the trail, on either the north or south side.

So thats ita triple header, Santa Speedo, Red Dress Run and the 1:1 Underwear run. Doing my best to Keep Austin Weird!
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