triman (triman) wrote,

Sponsorship deal with Wongstar

 I've agreed with Jocelyn Wong aka Wongstar, aka mojojoey to be her travel sponsor for another year. It's a pleasure to be able to help a rising star who wants, and will, work so hard to fulfill her dreams. Jocelyn has been accepted again for Team TBB, moving from development athlete to Pro Triathlete. It looks like the team will have an even stronger squad for 2010 with some exciting upcoming announcements.

Jocelyn has again agreed to build another cycling shoe block before spring camp, and hopefully between Spring and Summer Team TBB training camps, we are going to look at another running shoe. So it's a great partnership.

Good luck at Ironman Malaysia and Ironman China Jocelyn!
Tags: jocelyn, mojojoey, sponsor, teamtbb, triathlon, wongstar
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