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 So, I was pretty decimated the Sunday before last to find my 8-year old White Cannondale CAAD-4 frame had a crack in one of the rear wheel stays. Not a small crack but one that went almost the entire way around. I was  lucky I hadn't crashed. I wasn't really sure when this could have happened, it might have been as far back as AJ's crash last summer when I had to bail at the last minute to avoid hitting her. Oh well, I'd had other 5300-miles out of the bike, had seen off one complete set of Rolf Vector wheels and partially used two other sets, including the Mavic Cosmic pro's I'd bought used aka pre-owned by a pro in Florida, and for a bike I bought used from ebay as a run-around to leave in my NY office, it had been great!

I have two rules that apply when buying bikes.

The first only really applies to me. No carbon fiber. I'v e proved already that carbon isn't a durable material when it comes to heavyweight, strong/hard riders. I managed to break two new 2008 Alpha-Q all carbon forks, within 500-miles. I recall back in 2003 seeing my first broken bottom bracket in a carbon frame and thinking... not for me.

My 2nd rule applies to anyone. Don't buy used carbon. It can be incredibly difficult to see defects, hairline cracks, small breaks. It's just not worth it. If you are buying used, buy aluminum or titanium.

And so it was that Monday after discovering the crack, I found myself up in Cedar Park Austin, paying $400 for an almost identically sized(56cm), Cannondale Synapse all carbon frame+fork., used, pre-owned. Yep I'd violated both my own rules. After quick and excellent refit by James Balentine, Head Mechanic at Jack and Adams, I took it out for a ride on Saturday with Zac and Shane. It has wider(42cm) handlebars I'd been meaning to put on for years, a new stem to work with the bars; a new front derailleur; new bar tape and thats about it, everything else was moved over from the White 'Dale.

Less you think I've lost the plot, I've just ordered from Jack and Adams, a new made to measure Guru Praemio custom titanium road bike in the same color as my Guru Tri bike, but for now how sweet is this?? Click through for a bigger picture.

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New bikes
Nice! hopefully I'll see you out on the road soon...
All I can say is thank goodness you found this now and not when you were on a straight downhill coming out of the Sierras!