triman (triman) wrote,

S2S 2010 Day-2

Day-2 is actually the first ride day. We start 7,500ft up in the Sierra
Mountains at Bear Valley Park.

After a long line for breakfast, well worth the wait, it was arm. And knee
warmers on and off with the gang. Since its not a race, people start when
they want, ride at whatever pace they want, and speed as long or little as
they want at the rest stops.

As is custom, our group rolled out last and within a couple of miles we were
pushing into the 30's. We made a stop for some pictures with some of the
others we'd caught and then off again.

According to the ride sheet today looked easy, 32-miles down hill, some
climbing, more down hill, more climbing rinse and repeat. I practice its
much harder than that. Loads of down hills with hair pin turn after turn
after turn, and some frighteningly rough roads at 30mph+

At one point in my upper 30's heading towards a sharp right, the rear brake
locked, the wheel twitched, and by the time I'd recovered there was a white
Chevy car coming towards me, I was on the other side of the road. I quickly
hit to dirt track, he passed me on the right and I bunny hopped back on to
the road, still going at 30+

I had problems shifting and riding in my bottom gears, turned out the
trailer hanger was slightly bent form the shipping. Fixed tonight by the
ride wrench boy, who coincidentally did the ride on a Dixies in regular
boots and jeans. Nuts.

Somewhere on a hill Eric and Steve dropped me, I pushed as fast as I could
to catch them, and on the next downhill section hit my max speed for the
day. I was just leaving the last rest stop when Steve and Eric rolled in. I
didn't wait and pushed on to finish.

After the ride I put my tent up, grabbed my running shoes and ran 2-miles
back to town to a CVS for some things I'd forgotten and some chocolate milk.

Next up swim, massage, dinner and time for bed, another 75-miles in the

73-miles, 5:17 elapsed, 4;48 ride time.
Max Speed: 48.5mph
Aug Speed: 13.8MPH
Best 5-mile Avg: 21.2mph
Total climbing: 5098ft
Total Descending: 10827ft
Calories: 4650

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