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Wongstar, Time Trials and the block

 One of the original Wongstar blocks and the new hi-tech versionDespite not getting much sleep Monday night, and having a fairly lengthy drive to the time trials, and getting there at around 6pm, I was looking forward to it. Arrival was frantic, and Lisa Buckley road by and asked if she should wait, I told her no. I was just finishing up changing when Desiree Ficker pulled up having blasted the fastest womens time for the day.

I set of with Lisa to do a 4-mile warm-up and then it was off, I tried to keep a steady pace and race by cadence, keeping to about 96-revs per second. I was pretty good for the first 3-miles, then got passed first by Lisa, then by 3-guys, and shortly after the turn-around by Betty and another woman doing a 2-up team ride.

My finish time was 21.33/22.3MPH - a minute, which was a minute and 6-seconds over my PR, which was from earlier this year. Today I was 8/10 in the 50-54 AG, 48th out of 62 Men. Lisa came 3rd with a 20:05. Mostly I was really pleased with the new block under my tri shoe.

Jocelyn Wong aka mojojoey aka the Wongstar, aka Asian Triathlon superstar built the first one of these just before Galveston last year. Since then the pain in my knee, with one exception, Galveston this year, the pain in my knees has gone while cycling. Galveston this year was a week after riding Little Red for the first time, when the saddle height was set

The Wongstar blocks are made from wood and lovingly hand carved. The problem is that if used in the wet, the water gets into the holes and then when they dry out in the Texas heat, they crack. Since Jocelyn is now living the pro lifestyle I don't have the luxury of calling her up and asking for another.

Through the guys in the server prototyping team at work, I was put in touch with Russ. Russ has a CNC Lathe in his garage at home. For Russ the problem isn't cutting the block, it's getting the program right for the computer to guide the lathe. After a few weeks Russ had this prototype. Outstanding. It's lightweight and made of Aluminum, it tested out great on Sierra to the Sea and tonights almost balls to the wall TT. Russ is making me another five... should see me good for the rest of my life...
Tags: cycling, runfar, time trials
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