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Summer Sunstroke Stampede 5k Series 2010

OK, I admit it, I only came 3rd in one race, not the whole series.

I've really neglected my running this year, especially my long runs. So back in April I thought I'd enter the whole series, 12-races, to give my short runs some focus. Never really happened. Asides from my brick runs after bike sessions, the only runs I did were the weekly 5k's and a few squeezed in long runs. Oh yeah, then there were the splash and dash races, but I'll come back to those in September.

I only attempted 8 races of the 12. All the odd number races were at Brushy Creek park, and the even number races were on Town Lake trail, starting down behind the Holiday Inn near I35 Bridge and going east.

My best run of the season was the last one. It was just 33-seconds outside my course PR done back in 2008, but a whopping 1:40 outside my 5k PR done later that year. Overall, given the amount of running, I'm pleased with the result, but I have a bunch of work to do if I want to get to my Olympic distance PR this year. I'm giving myself two shots. One at TXTRI down at Canyon Lake, and then the following week at the Toyota Open in Dallas.

From the Stampede series, I was 4th in the Mens 50-54. In order to get a series position you had to complete at least 8-races, and if you take part in more, they just go on your 8-fastest. I was 32nd out of 52 that finished in the series standings. The winner in my age group was Richard Mittwede. Richards overall was 2:41:44, giving an average of 0:20:13. Wow.

Big shout out to training and race buddy Lisa Buckley, Lisa won the womens overall with 2:52:22 overall 0:21:33.
Tags: 5k, races, running
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