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Austin 70.3 aka Longhorn triathlon course rides

For the past 3-years I've organized Longhorn course rides on Saturday mornings. Last year as part of my Ironman training I did the course rides twice per day. Once at 7am for a fast group, and again at 10am for first timers and a slower riders. This year I don't have the incentive to do the course twice, it effectively wipes out Saturday once you figure in lunch after and a nap.

Also, based on my calendar and race schedule, I'm NOT racing Longhorn but will be coordinating the transport/buses again, I don't have that many Saturdays to get this year done. So, here is my proposal. 

First ride: August 7th, depart 7am sharp from outside the entrance to Walter E Long park aka Decker Lake. I'll play domestique, and pace riders along at about 14MPH, so this week isn't a fast ride. I'll also be stopping at turns and will encourage the group to continue, have some "business" to deal with at each corner and will then chase after you, and pace you to the next corner.

The course is 56-miles and follows the same route as last year(2009). I will bring some course maps and re-used baggies. What you must bring. 1. A good attitude willing to stay at a steady pace; 2. your bike, helmet, spare tube etc. 3. Enough food and especially drink for a 3-hour 30-minute ride in the Texas morning heat. There are no stops on the course. For those not wanting to tackle the full 56-miles, I can give you some short-cuts, but with fluids and the steady pace, most people should be able to complete it. This isn't strictly no-drop, but I'll make sure you get around the course without getting lost, either by coming back for you and making sure you know where to turn, or by being there at turns.

Follow-on rides. I'll be along to ride on August 14th and then not until September 11th, 18th, 25th. I won't be doing any rides on Saturdays in early October due to my own race schedule which currently looks like TX Tri at Canyon Lake on Oct. 2nd and then the Toyota Dallas Open on October 10th. For the 2nd and subsequent rides we'll see what we have and either split the group, or the pace a little or stay at a steady pace.

I'm opening this ride up to a number of groups including the Jack and Adams Sunday shop ride, The Austin Triathlon Meetup group, my Facebook friends, and any other participants.
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