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Triathlon America unzipped

I'm not going to decode Dan Empfields Triathlon America? oped from this morning on slowtwitch, I don't need to, just extract a few choice sentences, or should that be sentance? Selective quoting is what drives politics right?

"There's always a backstory." - there always is, I know nothing of this one.

"USA Triathlon's then-executive director, Skip Gilbert, also attended." - Of course, the only question was did this cost him his job?

"The focus of Triathlon America is to find ways by which industry can prosper." - Industry prospers by, err, making profit. No one says thats bad, provided they are open and transparent I guess we won't have anything to be concerned about. Wasn't Dan one of the drivers of the sunshine motion that opened up USAT?

"I predict this organization will start internationalizing almost immediately." - myopia might have caused the lack of focus, but arrogance assumes that the world needs American ideas and muscle to prosper.

"Nothing is assured. Confederacies fall apart. This one might." - Ahh yes, there is a well understood theory in computer game playing, it's is called the Prisoner's Dillema.

Cartels rarely prosper longer term. One of the few that has survived is OPEC, who control oil prices. There is a nice article here that squares the circle by describing why even OPEC is a Prisoner's circle. Maybe I've got it all wrong in yesterdays post and this will be good for the community.
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