triman (triman) wrote,

WTC 5i50 Series - of special interest to "us" Texans

So, the World Triathlon Corporation today announced details of the 5i50 Olympic distance race series, championships and finals etc. They are giving prizes to age groups of $500 per male and female across the age groups, Clydesdale, Athena, and Physically challenged. For the open amateur wave they are giving Ford Cars and more. Great news.

Interesting news is the addition of a Galveston 5i50 race is great news, it is in October so that will be a great time for me, and given I like Galveston as a place to race, the bike and run course suit me, I'm up for it. Of course, maybe its just me, and maybe almost no one else from Austin will care, but it's the same day as the Austin 70.3. Whoops. I decided a while back that as much as the Austin 70.3 race is a good one, it didn't suit me, so I've been volunteering every year, and for the last 2-years have been the Bus organizer/coordinator, moving 5000-people on school buses in 3-hours before the race. I didn't mind not racing that day. However, I'll have to think long and hard if I'm prepared to give up the chance of racing in a local 5i50 race, or volunteer for 12-hours...
Tags: 5i50, galveston, ironman, races, traithlon, wtc
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