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What was your first?

Brit' DJ and early mix innovator Greg Wilson has been posting a series of music related questions, while at the same time posting a set of 12 2-hour MP3 sets called Random Influences. The MP3's are a fabulous romp through the 60's, 70's with some 80's but no talking, no mixing and no theme. They are great quality, but completely "Random" sequence. You can download or listen to them here:

Anyway, when I woke up this morning, I had an email from Greg and he asked, what was the first 7" inch vinyl single you bought? Here was my somewhat complicated answer. Happy Thanksgiving!

Sadly I have no recollection of the first record I actually bought, lost in the sands of time and hundreds of schweppes crates full of 7" inch singles. I still have the first 7" inch single I owned, having parted with all but about 20 that have genuine sentimental or music value.

Like your random influences collections, I produced mix tapes one after another, box after box, entitled "Gone Single-1" etc. Back in 1981, without the benefit of multiple decks, I'd record a set of four tracks to four seperate cassettes. I'd carefully cue each cassette to the point where I wanted to start it.

Then using my dual-cassette Sharp music center, play that cassette back while recording it to the 2nd cassette, and then either beat match or cut to the next 7". As that would come to an end I'd have to cut straight to the next cassette, already cued up, then back to 7" and so on. A real labor of love and preservation. I dumped the tapes when I left the UK, they went into a skip. I copied a few to MP3, sadly though back in 2004, 128kbps was seen as extravagant. Sometimes I think about putting them on soundcloud but then come to my senses.

Still, my alarm clock just went off, or rather "Lack of a Better Name" by Deadmau5 started playing from MP3 DVD on the Bose Wave system I have in the bedroom, how time times have changed. Today is thanksgiving here in the US, I'm giving Thanks to Gregs Random Influences collections to save me from my own work, and the soundtrack to my youth. 

Oh yeah, my first 7" - Fireball(Theme Tune to Fireball XL5 Gerry Anderson puppet series) by Don Spencer from 1962, accompanied and directed by Charles Blackwell and

Hope to catch you somewhere in the US in 2011 Greg!
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