CAP10k - The shoes that can fly

The Wongstar Shoes that can fly

So, this is a very long overdue blog entry, in many ways. This morning I beat my all time PR at CAP10k with a 53:43 compared to my 2005 54:05. 

The one thing about being a travel sponsor to the Asian Triathlon Superstar is that she is the master of running shoe modifications.

These are the three of the four pairs of running shoes she has made for me. I have another pair of Zoots I've been using for training. The first pair Jocelyn made for me are the ones shown top left. They were a re-do of a pair I got from RunTex. They were much better after Jocelyn gave them some shape, then 2-years ago she built the first split sole shoe on bottom left. The split sole allowed the shoe to bend, which it hasn't over the past 3-shoes.

This makes it possible for me to put more mileage in for training over the winter, which has obviously paid off. I went through 5k at almost 5k PR time, just 30-seconds over which is the fastest I've been in 2-years, at which point I thought I'd either blow up at 4.5-miles, or make to the end. At the 5-mile mark I was at 44-mins, which meant with even a 10-min mile I'd be hope in record time, just.

The newest shoes Jocelyn made were much lighter than any of the prior ones, mostly because of Jocelyns design, as seen here. My run at the half marathon I was way ahead of my predicted time, and right on my 10k PR time,  but the blisters meant the last 4-miles were slower and I only scraped in 30-seconds under last years time, and a full 8-mins behind my PR time.
Inside the shoes

So, thanks for everything Jocelyn, have a grear year racing, and thanks from your travel sponsor!