Ironman Lottery - Phew

I ok I admit it, I was disappointed I didn't get in again. But really I'd have had a hard time getting fully fit given whats been going on lately(more on that soon). This year there was a big process change, no more 150 US/50 Rest of the world split, so I was in with a chance of getting one of 200 slots, instead of 1 of 50. Massive.

So here is a quick breakdown on who did get slots.

149 Slots to US, California was easily the highest number of slots with 23, Atlanta with 5-slots was the most successful city
51 Slots to non-US, only 3-slots to UK

The following folks from Texas got slots, no one from Austin did.
Stephen Hromcik
Thomas Noble
Brad Aspgren
Tommy Pistana
Wendy Osborne
Jerry Palmer
Dave Molthen
Carl Clark
Jason Cottrell

So as much as things changed, they stayed the same.