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Online friends, lets call it facebooking

In a few years, people wont remember TBFB(*1) , they won't remember the guy credited with starting the social media revolution(*2) used to have a livejournal account and thats where he got his start. They won't remember that people were <lj user="triman"/> before they were @triman etc. Some of us got access to thefacebook long before it came popular through livejournal, and I for one logged on and off as facebook was infantile, and never got back on until 2009(?).

Back at the start of 2004, there were only a few people on livejournal and in order to get find out what was going on, you did a few simple searches and found some people with common interests. I found amongst others triathletebigo , mojojoey effendi mizmizuno  and to see what they were doing and allow each other to "friend" each other, and so we did.

There were quite a few others, but these, including my dance music friends alkaloids
 lynnivere mstoonces have transformed from being virtual friends to real friends. We didn't live in the same town at the time, in fact we still don't. Tonight though we had a mini little get together as mojojoey has been in town and is leaving in the morning. It was really great seeing everyone as well as a few semi-related peeps from the triathlon community here in Austin. Good luck to everyone in their racing and training, thanks for coming.

Along with lievjournal friends, pro triathletes Amy and Brendan Marsh, Pat Evoe and Tenille Hoogland came long, with Tammy Metzger from Tempo Multisport. Good times!

(*1) Time before facebook
(*2) Yes, Zuckerberg had a livejournal account before he invented facebook

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