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2011 starts here, finally

 Well it's been a rocky start to the triathlon season, after 2x early season bike crashes, my swimming came to a halt and I missed both the Texas State Sprint race and at least the Sprint and maybe the half at Galveston. There have been some consolations, namely I beat my all time 10k PR, and while my distance on the bike is down, I do feel I've got some speed in my legs from at least the running.

Tomorrow I'm doing Lake Pfluggerville Triathlon. It's a sprint course over what should be pretty ideal conditions for me, so I'll give it my best shot although after 12-weeks off swimming I won't be first out of the water. [who am I kidding, I wouldn't have been anyway...]. This is my 13th year in triathlon, and this year is my latest start to the season. With temperatures in the mid-90f/34c its going to be a hot one.

It's become a bit of a custom for me to post a picture of my ride, and here for the first time is BR2 in a new set of ZIPP race wheels. An 808 front and 1080 rear both clinchers. My prior set are now "loaned" out to pro triathlete Tenille Hoogland. She was fastest woman on the bike at Eagleman 70.3, and so is putting them to good use. Tenille is racing up in the Nations 5150 in Washington DC this weekend.

Guru Merus, Zipp 808/1080My race season looks like this at the moment:

June: Lake Pfluggerville Sprint; Pure Austin Splash and Dash
July: Couples Triathlon(Sprint with Tammy Metzger); Waco Triathlon(Olympic distance)
August: Pure Austin Splash and Dash
September:  Got2Swim for Colins Hope (4-miles)
October: Kerrville Triathlon Festival(Sprint)

and then I'm looking for a half distance race, either Conroe, or RedMan. I'll be the bus conductor again at Austin 70.3, so not racing that. I've decided on no Ironman distance in the first half of 2012, I have too much to do at work and in general and really want to get Austin Triathletes up and running again.
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